New Underpasses, Road Widening, and Shuttle Services to Tackle Congestion in South Bali by 2025

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The local government is once again proposing the construction of underpasses as a long-term solution to alleviate traffic congestion in the southern part of Badung. In an effort to address this issue comprehensively, Badung plans to build two new underpasses at the Jimbaran and Kuda intersections, expanding on the recently completed Underpass Simpang Tugu Ngurah Rai project. Additionally, the government suggests road widening and circular roads in strategically significant areas.

Underpasses at Jimbaran and Kuda Intersections: Badung Regent, I Nyoman Giri Prasta, has once again proposed the construction of an underpass at the Jimbaran intersection leading to Nusa Dua and the University of Udayana campus. Previously, a similar project was proposed in 2018 but was hindered by differences in the appraisal team’s assessments. The government now hopes that this project can become a national program by 2025. Badung also plans to build an underpass at the Kuda intersection, heading towards Ngurah Rai Airport and Kuta.

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Widening of the South Ring Road: Previously, the Badung Regency Government had initiated land clearance for the extension of the southern ring road in South Kuta, from Sawangan to Pecatu and Jimbaran. One strategic step to alleviate congestion is to extend the southern ring road, as suggested by the Badung Secretary, I Wayan Adi Arnawa. Land clearance at the McD Jimbaran intersection towards Nusa Dua is expected to be carried out this year.

Medium-Term Solutions: Acting Governor of Bali, Sang Made Mahendra Jaya, emphasizes the importance of underpass construction as a medium-term solution. In a coordination meeting with relevant parties, including the Minister of Transportation, it was proposed to build underpasses on the University of Udayana Jimbaran and Nusa Dua routes, along with road widening and a circular road in Ungasan-Jimbaran. In addition, shuttle bus services will be provided as a short-term solution to address congestion.

By integrating the construction of underpasses, road widening, and shuttle bus services, the Badung government aims to significantly reduce congestion in the southern Badung region. The proposed underpass projects at the Jimbaran and Kuda intersections are expected to support mobility and tourism while ensuring the smooth flow of traffic. These efforts align with the vision of infrastructure development to improve the quality of life for residents and support economic growth in the region.

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