New Shortcut Road Opens in Canggu-Tibubeneng Area (Simpang Padonan Road)

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A new road that connects Tibubeneng, Canggu, and Dalung (simpang padonan road) was officially opened on January 10, 2024, after a year of construction. The road, named Simpang Padonan Road, is 400 meters long and aims to reduce the traffic congestion along the Tibubeneng-Canggu Highway.

The project was initiated by the Badung Regency Government in cooperation with the Bali Provincial Government and the Ministry of Public Works and Housing. The total cost of the project was Rp 12.8 billion, which was funded by the state budget and the regional budget.

The simpang padonan road is expected to benefit the residents and tourists who travel to and from Canggu, a popular destination for surfing, dining, and nightlife. The road will also provide access to several public facilities, such as schools, markets, and temples.

However, not everyone is happy with the new shortcut. Some people have expressed doubts that the road will be able to solve the traffic problems in Canggu, which are caused by the rapid development and lack of urban planning. They also criticized the installation of large billboards along the new road, which they said were unsightly and obstructed the view of the rice fields.

The Badung Regent, I Nyoman Giri Prasta, said that the road was part of the government’s efforts to improve the infrastructure and the quality of life in the area. He also said that the billboards were temporary and would be removed after the road was fully operational. He urged the public to support the project and to use the road responsibly.

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