Meet Nuanu, Sustainable ‘Creative City’ Emerging on Nyanyi Beach, Tabanan

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In the midst of the roaring waves of Nyanyi Beach in the village of Beraban, Tabanan Regency, Bali, a creative ecosystem set to become a cultural hub is taking shape on a 44-hectare plot of land. The construction of this “new city” began in October 2020, and it has been steadily progressing, with both construction and activities. The latest development occurred on Friday, October 13, 2023, when two sculptures by South African artist Daniel Popper were inaugurated at the site now known as Nuanu.

Meet Nuanu, Sustainable 'Creative City' Emerging on Nyanyi Beach, Tabanan

One of the sculptures, Earth Sentinels, crafted by the Cape Town-born artist, is poised to become an iconic symbol of Nuanu. Earth Sentinels symbolize the presence of forgotten ancestors, like ancient trees turned fossilized and then reintegrated into the forest. The sculpture is believed to serve as a reminder of the crucial connection between humanity and nature.

“We believe that Nuanu will be a transformative space for creators and artists to thrive,” stated Ichwan Hermecz, the Director of Nuanu.

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Designed as a sustainable creative city, Nuanu’s innovative efforts focus on nurturing creative communities and incubating talent while fostering dynamic collaboration among artistic communities, cultural practitioners, creative businesses, and social entrepreneurship.

Meet Nuanu, Sustainable 'Creative City' Emerging on Nyanyi Beach, Tabanan
Meet Nuanu, Sustainable 'Creative City' Emerging on Nyanyi Beach, Tabanan 3

“We are committed to empowering the creative sector and engaging local artists,” Ichwan emphasized.

Nuanu is divided into several zones, including an Education Center that will house an international university and dormitory, a Headquarters featuring the Oshom Hotel, retreat center, Arcadia, and amphitheater. The Event Area will host the Luna Beach Club and the Bhuma Tower, set to become an iconic landmark for Nuanu.

The Heart segment will be the home of the art center and fine dining restaurants, while the Communities area will include a terra garden, communal buildings, Odyssey, and Nusantara longhouse. As part of its commitment to the environment, Nuanu has allocated a Harmony area for green open spaces. Additionally, there is a Magic Garden area where Daniel Popper’s art sculptures are displayed, along with spaces dedicated to orchid development, butterflies, an eco-park, a secret forest, and a stone stage.

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In terms of education, Nuanu has incorporated a preschool, elementary school, Jungle Kids, Kids Academy, and an Art Village as part of its improvement plan. The entire development is targeted to be completed by the end of 2025, according to Ichwan.

Audria Evelin a senior figure at Nuanu, emphasized the commitment to environmental preservation. “We allocate a significant portion of the land for environmental conservation,” said Adhelia. Nuanu plans to plant 15 thousand trees this year, manage waste, and actively preserve endangered species such as butterflies and botanical plants like orchids.

Tereze Strautmane, responsible for preparing creative content at Nuanu, mentioned that the facility would provide a space for artist development. “Selected artists will be incubated and mentored for several weeks,” said Tereze.

The concept of Nuanu has garnered positive responses from renowned South African artist Daniel Popper, who agreed to place his sculpture ‘Earth Sentinels’ in Nuanu. “I believe that Nuanu will be a sustainable creative city,” stated Daniel.

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The emergence of Nuanu adds to the tourism potential of Tabanan, alongside popular destinations like Tanah Lot, Ulundanu, and Jatiluwih. This innovative and sustainable approach to a creative city aims to create a unique destination for tourists while preserving the environment and fostering artistic and cultural development.


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