‘Care and Green’ with Staff of H Sovereign Bali

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H Sovereign Bali staff and employees carried out environmental actions in the form of mangroves planting. The planting of mangroves centered at Kampoeng Kepiting was led by General Manager of H Sovereign Bali, Ramia Adnyana. “This activity aims to inspire people to play an active role in protecting the environment,” said Ramia Adnyana on the sidelines of the event, Wednesday (Nov. 28).

Ramia Adnyana said the measure can affect the future of children and grandchildren. Therefore, Tree Planting Day is better to be filled with positive activities for nature and life. “This activity is also one of the implementations of the Tri Hita Karana program that has been implemented for the past three years at H Sovereign Bali,” he added.

The mangrove planting activity raised the theme of “Care and Green” which is very appropriate as part of the world of tourism in Bali. H Sovereign Bali is actively carrying out concrete eco-friendly actions. “We also minimize the use of plastic at hotel activities. It continues to encourage guests at H Sovereign Bali to participate in doing simple things, but meaningful in protecting the environment. One of them is throwing garbage in its place,” he explained.

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The hotel located in Tuban does have a ‘go green program’ and routinely engages in related activities as a tangible manifestation of the hotel’s concern for related movements. Actually, mangroves planting itself is not for the first time done by H Sovereign Bali. In 2016, H Sovereign staff also carried out similar activities. It can be said that this is one of the real activities to promote environmental care programs and the application of biochemical activities in daily activities.

As a hotel that implements sustainable hospitality, H Sovereign Bali hopes this activity will not only show the public about the care of the H Sovereign Bali towards the surrounding environment. In addition, it also plays a significant role in maintaining Balinese customs and culture in order to remain sustainable. Of course, it can provide economic benefits. “In the future, H Sovereign Bali will not stop at mangroves planting activities, but also routinely support and carry out activities related to the Go Green movement,” concluded Ramia Adnyana.

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Source&image: BaliTravelNews


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