New Tourist Object Offered by Sukawati Village

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Armed with a panoramic view of paddy fields, the Sukawati village government is now opening farming pathway at Subak Landep area of Sukawati village as a new tourist attraction. The jogging track area in the form of 1.5 kilometers of the ring road was opened to the public on Sunday (Dec. 2). To support the opening of the new tourist attraction, the village also prepares a number of supporting facilities such as a selfie spot.

The headman of Sukawati, Dewa Gede Dwi Putra, said the initial goal of the jogging track was to improve farming pathway in the Sukawati area because the previous conditions were damaged, narrow and muddy during rainy season. After being surveyed, it turned out that the road has the potential to be developed into the sporting track as well as a new tourist attraction. “We see this as a potential for new tourist object. Moreover, Sukawati village is currently moving into a tourism village,” he said.

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Dwi Putra added the farming pathway has been equipped with five selfie spots, three gazebos, and five sets of seats. All of them are financed through village funds worth more than IDR 443 million. This ring road has been operating since four months ago. “The location remains beautiful, so it is very feasible as a family’s healthy choice for relaxing exercise with charming natural recreational nuances,” he explained.

The access from the main road to the outermost courtyard of Ulun Carik Temple to the south has been arranged with a wide paving block. Next, along the circular path has been reinforced with concrete. To make visitors easier to find the location, a high enough signboard has been installed at the entrance.

In the future, the jogging track will be extended to the border of Sukawati village with Ketewel village. In order to be better known, he claimed to have explored a number of villas in the area. “Hopefully, they will add this jogging track to a tour package while guests are staying,” he said.

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Regarding cleanliness, Dwi Putra hoped the community using the facilities can keep it together. Another impact of opening the access to recreational sports is the rise of small business communities chiefly for residents living near the location where they began to open a shop. “Currently, there are two stalls opened,” he said.

The inauguration was marked with a ribbon cutting, and the villagers were invited to explore the road between the paddy fields. At the end of the event, the invited guests released fingerlings into the river provided by Putra Persada youth club. The river is expected to be used as a fishing ground and water tourism competitions. “We will evaluate after the next six months. So far, the response and enthusiasm of the people are quite good,” he said.

Source&image: BaliTravelNews


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