Bima Statue at Bondalem’s Diving Spot

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To optimize the maritime potential, the Buleleng district government under the control of Putu Regent Agus Suradnyana (PAS) continuously commits to encouraging the development of underwater tourism. The development carried out does not only rely on the beautiful underwater scenery, but also the hard work of the community that cares about preserving the marine biota as superior capital of Buleleng to win achievements. From these advantages, finally, some national and international awards were achieved.

The regent confirmed it before the opening of the Art Action of Tejakula (ASET) and Buleleng Bali Dive Festival (BBDF) 2018 at Bondalem village, Tejakula subdistrict on Wednesday night (Nov. 28). As evidence of the seriousness of preserving the underwater world, Bondalem residents held an event namely the opening of ASET and BBDF this year. The regent and invited guests drowned the structure of coral reef in the form of a Bima statue into the middle of the sea.

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Selection of Bima statue is based on consideration if this puppet character has a noble philosophy. The younger brother of Yudisthira, King of Astina, is ordered to dive into the seabed to take amrita (eternal water—Ed) for the welfare of human life. Amrita is known as Tirtha Kamandalu. This philosophy is used as a guideline as well as trust with the shared spirit of loving nature, especially the underwater park. In this way, it can provide prosperity for the community itself.

After the coral reef park area was developed at Pemuteran village, Gerokgak subdistrict, the regent said the same potential also began to be developed in the area of Bondalem and Tejakula village. The potential of coral reef garden at Pemuteran is almost no different from the ones in the area of Bondalem and Tejakula village. Coral reefs in the east of Buleleng area have good beauty compared to similar potential in other regions.

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“Other than at Pemuteran, we have the same potential at Bondalem and Tejakula. We continuously encourage this potential to be developed, so as to provide positive benefits for the environment and bring in social welfare,” he said.

The success of developing marine tourism at Bondalem, said the regent, surely cannot be separated from the hard work and willingness of village officials, community leaders, as well as local residents. He claimed to be proud of the care and awareness showed by the residents in preserving the underwater potential at Bondalem village. The regent also hoped this potential will be used as the capital for developing the tourism industry in Buleleng.

“With the concept of developing together with the community, it has been proved the presence of awareness of preserving the sea. Even now, residents have been able to manage the potential of tourist attraction. I am sure that maritime potential can improve People’s welfare,” he explained.

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Source&image: BaliTravelNews


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