Undhira Students Transform Catur Kintamani Coffee Brand

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UUP Catur Paramitha in Catur Village has been producing premium Kintamani coffee for several years. The coffee producer faces a challenge in trying to penetrate the millennial market, as the packaging and branding for their premium products have not been differentiated from their lower-end products. A group of Undhira students is assisting the single-origin coffee producer by transforming the current packaging and branding into a well-packaged product with the branding that appeals to millennials. This project is a part of Student Creativity Program, having received a grant from the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education.

Led by I Made Rai Tedy Setiawan, the team repackaged the premium wet-processed coffee from Catur using a premium flat bottom pouch with one-way valve and zipper to maintain the freshness of the coffee and prolong its shelf life. They also transformed the brand to “Kopi EsaLoka” specifically to appeal to millennials. “Young people like a brand that is simple, easy to remember, playful and meaningful at the same time,” explains project leader Rai Tedy.

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In addition to assisting the project partner in terms of packaging and branding, the team also develops a new product line for UUP Catur Paramitha. The team also assisted the Catur coffee producers to introduce a ready-to-drink cold brew coffee to be marketed under the same brand, geared toeards millennial consumers. Kintamani coffee is very suitable to use as cold brew because of its piquant, sweet, and citrusy flavor profile. “Cold brew coffee appeals to both casual coffee drinkers and coffee lovers because heat is never applied to the coffee ground then the bitterness is very low and the taste is very pleasant,” said RaiTedy.

The philosophy behind the “EsaLoka” brand is a single origin coffee. “Esa” means one, and “Loka” means to place of origin. Kopi EsaLoka is a single origin specialty coffee from the co-operative of UUP Catur Paramitha in the mountainous region of Kintamani, Bali. Literally, “Esa Loka” means “single origin.” The beans are hand-selected from the ripest cherries, fermented in natural juices for 24 hours, sun-dried, and meticulously roasted to bring you a balanced coffee experience that is sweet, piquant, and citrusy. Indulge yourself with the unique flavor profile of premium Kintamani arabica coffee from Catur village.

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Source&image: Bali Travel News


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