Tourist Transportation in Bali Expected to Have Standardization

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Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, wanted a transportation fleet supporting the tourism industry in Bali to have clear standardization. “Other than vehicle having to own a safety and comfort standards, the drivers must be standardized in terms of its services and ethics to visiting tourists. This is important because it can be the face and image of Bali as an international tourist destination,” said Koster in his audience with the board of directors of the Bali Land Transport Organization (Organda) on Monday afternoon (Mar. 4) afternoon at Jayasabha official residence, Denpasar.

This governor of Singaraja-born emphasized that all this time tourism services including transportation modes in Bali seemed to be less well organized because there are no clear regulations regarding this matter. “Actually, if it is handled and has clear regulations, this transportation service can be a symbol of Bali tourism hospitality. It can be a characteristic of helping become the beauty of the Island of Bali in the eyes of the international community. It is like this which is friendly, organized and disciplined,” said Koster.

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For this reason, he is drafting a policy to regulate this, including standardization of the feasibility, comfort, and age of tourist vehicles, including the arrangement, design, and interior of the vehicle to show off distinctive characteristics of Balinese culture. “There must be a separate branding for Bali,” he added.

During the meeting, Koster would take a stand against complaints from Organda Bali related to vehicles from outside Bali operating as tourist vehicles in Bali. “We will crack down on them firmly. In short, all the illegal things will be cleared. Moreover, something like that can undermine our local transportation,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Organda Bali, Ketut Eddy Dharma Putra, agreed on the government’s standardization policy plan for tourist transportation, considering that there are many tourists complaining about the convenience of tourist transportation facilities in Bali. “For example, the old age of the vehicle can reduce comfort and safety,” he said.

Eddy also appreciated to the measure of the Bali government has begun to build a shortcut road for Denpasar-Singaraja that will later accelerate the distance to Buleleng district. ”I am sure the shortcut will accelerate the creation of a balance of development in South and North Bali as has been said for a long time,” said Eddy.

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Similarly, she asked the governor to be able to review other shortcut paths, namely the Mengwi-Batuan-Purnama and the Kuta-Soka-Celukan Bawang route. “’If these routes can be realized according to our study, we will greatly reduce traffic congestion in the city of Denpasar because vehicles that cross the districts do not need to enter Denpasar City,” said Eddy.

In addition, Eddy also appreciated to the re-opening of the TransSarbagita Nusa Dua line, which he said was still very much needed for students and employees around Nusa Dua while reducing the level of congestion in the lane.

Source&image: BaliTravelNews


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