River Cinema Among Bali’s Newest Tourist Attractions

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Why watch movies in a theater when you can do it on a river?

You heard that right. A river cinema is now available in Denpasar, Bali, for those seeking a unique experience. It is being held on the Tukad Badung River, which splits two of the largest traditional markets in the city, namely Badung and Kumbasari.

Launched on May 25, Bioskop Tukad will be held once a month as part of the annual Denpasar Documentary Film Festival (DDFF) that aims to popularize documentary movies.

Several documentaries were shown during the launch that also appeared in last year’s DFFF and were among the finalists at the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC)’s video competition, namely Layang-Layang (Kites) by Resha Arundari, Tradisi Turunan (Hereditary Tradition) by Putu Sathyana Rayana and Penempa Bara (Bara Forge) by Sari Ning Gayatri.

Selected films from a movie competition held by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) are also slated to be screened at the event. Other than the KPK, the program is also supported by the Denpasar Creative Board and Denpasar administration.

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“Through this program, we aim to familiarize documentary films to the general public,” said the festival’s program manager, IGK Trisna Pramana.

Additionally, the program is also expected to educate people on the importance of keeping the Tukad Badung River clean, an effort that has been pushed by the administration for the past several years and turned the river into a popular hangout place.

Among local residents, the Tukad Badung River is also known as Tukad Korea, as the administration visited rivers in South Korea prior to launching its river beautification project. Wayan Sridani, a flower seller in the Kumbasari night market, said that she was happy to have the opportunity to watch a movie at the river cinema.

“People are now more creative. I never imagine that we can watch films on the river,” Sridani said, adding that she was happy to find the river clean and many people spend their time hanging out around it.

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DDFF director Maria Ekaristi said the river cinema supported the government’s program to keep the river clean. “So that people will understand that they should not throw their waste into the river, as it is a place where we can hang out and even watch a movie,” Maria said.

Source&image: TheJakartaPost


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