Let’s Explore the Beauty of Mangrove Forest by Boat

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Do you know mangrove or mangrove forests? Well, what if we have a voyage to witness the beauty of mangrove forest from the middle of the sea. One of the ways is by using traditional means of transportation to explore the mangrove forest. Exploring the mangrove forest from the middle of the sea is also a way to enjoy the uniqueness owned by Bali. Trying this tourist attraction can definitely provide a very pleasant experience. Moreover, it is done with a partner.

The mangrove area in the coastal village of Tuban, Badung, is the center of tourist attraction. Enjoying the beach area of ​​Tuban village through a mangrove forest using a boat must be exciting and look different. This tourist attraction is also one of the options for tourists coming to the Island of the Gods. “Other than having a beautiful sunrise and sunset, Bali also has very unique mangrove forest. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the beach in Bali by traversing this mangrove,” explained Made Adiana, a member of the Wanasari Fishermen Group of Tuban village.


Made Adiana said that to carry out the activity of exploring mangrove forest, tourists can rent a boat from fishermen in the local coastal area. This boat is deliberately leased to take tourists along the mangrove forest in the coastal area of ​​the Tuban customary village. The equipment that must be brought along such as a hat and change clothes if guests want to go down and play with water, mosquito repellent and selfie equipment, camera and selfie stick. “Mangrove is also enjoyed by foreign tourists traveling in Bali. It means that such tourist attraction is not only in demand by local tourists,” he said.

The activity of exploring mangrove forests has been operated since 2014. Apart from being a pleasant choice of tourist activities, this can also become one of the educational tourism choices. Therefore, school children desiring to know mangrove forest often choose to come here. “To enjoy this region, tourists make a visit to Wanasari Mangrove Forest on the coast of Tuban village,” he explained.

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Tourists will be invited to explore the mangrove forest area for one hour. The route of the mangrove tour starts in the east coast of Tuban village and leads to the mangrove forest area in the waters of Tuban. After traversing the mangrove forest, the journey continues towards the waters under the Bali Mandara Toll Road. After being satisfied around the mangrove forest area, tourists will be invited to enjoy the thrill of boating in the waters below the Bali Mandara toll road.

As the end of the trip, tourists will be given the opportunity to take a selfie and immortalize the moment in the traditional boat with the background of the Bali Mandara Toll Road. To enjoy this mangrove exploration tour, guests have indeed been given safety facilities such as buoys and life jacket. Other additional facilities such as sunblock, change clothes and mosquito repellent lotion should be prepared by guests themselves. “This tourist attraction is also often chosen as a CSR area,” he concluded.

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Source&image: Bali Travel News


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