Orange Production Up, Prices Down

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The price of oranges has decreased 50 percent since last month. This is allegedly due to a bumper harvest in Kintamani along with the other regions, such as Lumajang, East Java.

According to one orange farmer from Mangguh Village, Kintamani, I Nengah Selamat the price of oranges began to decline last month. He said previously the orange price ranged from Rp 7,000 to Rp 8,000, but currently the price is only Rp 3,500 to Rp 4,000 rupiah per kilogram.

“The price had even previously penetrated Rp 10,000 per kg. But now the price is way down,” he told Bali Post.

He suspects the fall in the price of oranges is due to the great harvest this year in Kintamani and also outside Bali, especially in East Java. An abundant production leads to a decrease in the selling price.

“Hopefully, the price of oranges can quickly recover. Also, in the near future there is a big international event, which can bring back the price and a smile to the farmers,” hoped Selamet.

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Source&image: Seminyak Times


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