Indonesian Police Dismantle $260K/Month Drug Factory in Bali Operated by Foreign Nationals

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In a major operation on May 2, 2024, Indonesian police raided a villa in Canggu, Badung, Bali, uncovering a sophisticated narcotics factory producing hydroponic marijuana and mephedrone. The illicit operation, run by three foreign nationals from Ukraine and Russia, was reportedly turning over approximately 4 billion Indonesian Rupiah ($260,000) in cryptocurrencies every six months.

The villa, equipped with a basement used as a bunker for hydroponic cultivation and drug mixing, was occupied by Ukrainian twin brothers, identified only as IV and MV, and a Russian national, KK. IV and MV were responsible for manufacturing and overseeing the production, while KK handled distribution.

According to Brigadier General Mukti Juharsa of the Indonesian National Police, the factory produced 10 kilograms of hydroponic marijuana and 100 grams of mephedrone in crystal and powder form per production cycle. The suspects learned their trade through online tutorials, sourcing materials from China and Romania.

Police Chief Commissioner General Wahyu Widada revealed that the operation had been active since September 2023. The narcotics were marketed to customers through the Hydra Indonesia Telegram group, with KK placing products at roadside locations using specific codes to maintain secrecy.

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During the bust, authorities seized significant quantities of narcotics and manufacturing equipment, including 9,799 grams of hydroponic marijuana, 437 grams of mephedrone, hundreds of kilograms of precursor chemicals, and an ecstasy press. Additional arrests included LM, a local Indonesian, who acted as an operator and account holder for the network, and who was found with 6 kilograms of methamphetamine.

The operation also linked the suspects to an international drug syndicate led by Fredy Pratama, with further arrests and investigations ongoing. The four suspects face severe penalties under Indonesian narcotics laws, potentially including life imprisonment or the death penalty.


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