Ubud underwear thief

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An American tourist caused quite a stir when he stole something from an Ubud shop on Friday and hid out in a water tower after an angry crowd chased after him.

It was originally reported that 21-year-old Noah Pardue stole celana, but it turns out he took celana dalam (inside pants aka underwear), which makes this story that much more ridiculous.

Pardue heard his verdict on on Wednesday in Gianyar District Court for his crime and was all smiles afterwards, reports said.

“The judge found the defendant guilty and is subject to a fine of Rp 250,000 or face three days jail,” presiding judge Aryo Widiatmoko said while reading the verdict yesterday afternoon, as quoted by Tribun Bali.

That’s nothing compared to the thrashing he would’ve gotten had he been caught by the angry vigilante mob pursuing him.

“So if you do not pay the fine, then you’ll be incarcerated for three days,” Widatmoko explained to the bule.

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Before the trial was held, he also had to pay compensatation of 10 times the value of the stolen underwear to the shop, 69 Slam, which ended up being Rp 2.29 million. Hopefully this will teach him it’s easier and cheaper to just buy the darn underwear outright.

“His compensation is tenfold. It’s a rule of the management company. And we also made peace a day after the incident at the Gianyar Police Station,” shop supervisor Komang Pasek Astawa told Tribun Bali.

Pardue apparently expressed great remorse for his actions—which is likely why he got off so light.

“Yes, I’m very happy. I love the people of Bali. I’m very sad to have done that. I’m sorry,” Pardue reportedly said.

Even the 69 Slam employee that caught Pardue stealing sees this story as having a happy ending.

“The case is over. Now we’re even friends. I’m happy and relieved that everything is fine,” Kadek Setia Dewi said. And by “friends,” we’ve got to wonder if Dewi and Pardue are going to hangout or even go on shopping dates together.

Source :Coconut Bali


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