A British Traveler’s Honest Take on the Not-So-Glamorous Side of Bali

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Bali, renowned for its picturesque beaches and vibrant nightlife, has long been a sought-after destination for young travelers. However, a recent surge in discontent among holiday-goers has shed light on the less glamorous aspects of the Indonesian island, particularly in the tourist hub of Kuta.

@cor_98 Bali traffic is unbearable, no one shows you this side of things when you are researching it is an absolutle nightmare!#traffic #research #nightmare #joke #fyp #bali ♬ original sound – Corrin

In a viral TikTok series, British travel influencer Corrin, known as @cor_98, pulled back the curtain on Bali’s less-publicized challenges, capturing the attention of over 680,000 viewers. Expressing her dissatisfaction, Corrin highlighted the “horrific traffic” plaguing Kuta’s busy streets and the disheartening sight of litter-strewn beaches.

In her initial video, Corrin minced no words: “Everyone says come to Bali, it’s an amazing place to come – honestly, I absolutely hate it, look at this,” she exclaimed, focusing her camera on the chaotic traffic. The footage showcased the densely built-up surroundings and the seemingly insurmountable congestion, prompting Corrin to question why this aspect of Bali is often overlooked.

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Venturing to Kuta beach in a subsequent video, she continued her critique, revealing a shoreline marred by refuse. Frustrated and disappointed, Corrin exclaimed, “There is literally rubbish all along the waterfront, like it literally goes on the whole entire way, what the actual f***? Why don’t people show you this?”

The responses from viewers were mixed, with some acknowledging the challenges of Kuta while others suggested alternative, more pristine locations in Bali. The debate touched upon the realities of a developing nation and the importance of managing expectations when exploring such destinations.

@cor_98 I just cant belive what i have whitnessed why on earth dont people show you this side of things on the beach. Kuta beach has been an absolutle dissapoinment. I really dont want to be negative about Bali but so far its just been Awful hopefully jungle life is much better! #indonesia #beach #kuta #litter #dissapointment #travelling #truth #fyp ♬ original sound – Corrin

Kuta, located in the Badung Regency in southern Bali, once a haven for surfers and party enthusiasts, has now become synonymous with congested streets and overcrowded spaces. Corrin’s revelations echoed those of other discontented travelers, including Richard Monckton, who recently aired grievances about Bali’s traffic, expressing a preference for Thailand.

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As Bali’s allure faces scrutiny, these unfiltered accounts offer a valuable perspective for potential visitors, encouraging a more nuanced understanding beyond the paradisiacal façade often portrayed on social media.


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