World Parliament Forum Agrees on 17 Points of Bali Declaration

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The World Parliamentary session on Sustainable Development (World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development) that took place in Nusa Dua Bali resulted in the ‘Bali Declaration, House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Fadli Zon said. The Bali Declaration agreement with 17 points.

The points listed in the Bali Declaration 2017 consist of three main issues about inclusive and justice development that leaving no one behind, sustainable development goals and climate action, as well as ending violence and sustaining peace.

Fadli Zon explained the World Parliament noted the importance of peace in inclusive and justice development because without peace, sustainable development will not be achieved. Therefore, in particular the Bali Declaration contains a solution of the humanitarian crisis to the Rohingyas in Rakhine, Myanmar. However, India does not agree with the points of declaration concerning the Rohingyas.

“We all have agreed together, signed in a Bali Declaration with the 50 parliaments present here, except India,” Fadli Zon said after closed the World Parliamentary Forum which took place on September 6-7, 2017 at BNDCC, Bali.

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The Gerindra Party politician said the World Parliament Forum appreciates that India refused to be a part of the declarartion. The differences in forums are commonplace and part of the forum’s dynamic with each delegate has their own stand, he said.

“Of course we appreciate the stand, because the political choices or perspectives of each country can be different in looking at the problem. In addition to India, Myanmar parliament is actually most interested in completing the humanitarian tragedy in Rakhine but absent in this meeting,” Zon added.

The President of the GOPAC confirmed that the Bali Declaration will be brought and adopted in their respective countries, particularly in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

“The Bali Declaration resulted in the World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development will be brought in the ASEAN Parliamentary Assembly in Manila, September 15, 2017,” Zon said.



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