World Leaders Congratulate Indonesia for Independence Day

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Jakarta – Saudi Arabia King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman send their congratulations on the 73rd Indonesian Independence Day. King Salman and Crown Prince wish the Indonesian government and all its citizens victory and prosper.

“In the name and nation of Saudi Arabia, it is a pleasure to deliver wishes to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. Hopefully, you will always be given health and happiness, and to the government and all Indonesian people, always stay forward and prosper,” said King Salman and Crown Prince via a greeting card, Thursday, August 16, 2018.

A similar statement was also conveyed by US Secretary Michael R. Pompeo. Through the Embassy of United States in Jakarta, Pompeo said that the relationship between Indonesia and the US is founded on shared democratic values and ideals. The common vision has become the basis of both countries’ strategic partnership and that he encourages both countries to promote a peaceful and prosperous Indo-Pacific.

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“I send my deepest congratulations to you [Indonesian people] on this National Day and wish you continued success for years to come,” Pompeo said.

In his statement, Pompeo also mentioned the US looks forward to another year of progress and advancement between the two countries.

Apart from the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, other world leaders such as Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and Russian President Vladimir Putin also congratulated Indonesia for its 73rd national independence day.


Source&image: TEMPO.CO


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