Vietnam and Bali Get Closer

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Vietnamese airline, VietJet Air is opening a new direct route from Ho Chi Minh City to Denpasar Airport. It is the first direct route in many years and it is hoped that the new route can meet the travel needs of local people and tourists, and contribute to promoting trade and integration within the region.

Quoting VietJet Air’s official website, the new route, which will take four hours, will begin flying on May 29, 2019.

The flight will depart from Ho Chi Minh City at 8.05am and arrive in Bali at 1.05 p.m. It will return from Bali at 2.05pm and land in Ho Chi Minh City at 5.05pm.  There is a one hour difference between Denpasar and HCMC.

“I believe that the new route will not only create the opportunity for people to travel with a safe, civilized and modern air carrier but also connect two cities with robust economies, which are cultural centers of Vietnam and Indonesia,” said VietJet Air Vice President Nguyen Thanh Son.

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“This route will contribute to promoting tourism and economic integration in the region,” Thanh Son added. Vietjet Air, which became famous for having bikini-clad attendants, has said that no bikinis will be used on the Indonesian routes.

Source&image: Seminyak Times


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