Traumatized Baby Orangutan is Saved From a Palm Oil Plantation in Indonesia after His Mother was ‘Killed by Hunters’

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This is the moment a tiny baby Orangutan is rescued after being found alone in a palm oil plantation in West Borneo. A plantation worker called Rahman found the adorable ape crying in the bushes and reported the discovery to his manager.

Thinking the baby’s mother would return to retrieve him, they left him where he was but when they went back the next day they were upset to discover he was still in the same place, all alone.

A team from International Animal Rescue and members of the Natural Resources Conservation Centre in West Borneo traveled to the oil palm plantation in Tanjung Pasar Village where Rahman and his co-workers were waiting to hand the baby over.

The team then named the little ape Rahman, after the man who found him. His rescue came as organizations all over the world were about to celebrate International Orangutan Day on Sunday.

“It’s a tragedy to find a baby Orangutan without its mother, alone, vulnerable and distressed,” IAR chief executive Alan Knight said. Rahman should have been in his mother’s care for the next six or seven years of his life.

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Instead, she is nowhere to be found. It’s highly likely that she has been killed as yet another victim of hunters or agricultural workers protecting their crops. Thankfully he is in safe hands now and will be given expert treatment and care at our center which is currently home to 109 rescued Orangutans.


Source&image: Daily Mail


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