To Improve Economy – Dozens of Poor People Taught to Sew

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BANGLI – Dozens of poor people in Bangli were provided with two months training in sewing skills as part of the government of Bangli’s efforts to create entrepreneurs in the district. It is hoped that this training will allow the participants to become financially independent and contribute to a prosperous local economy.

Head of the Bangli Social Agency, Nengah Sukarta, said on Wednesday (Apr. 4) that sewing training for the poor was held in two locations: at the vocational skill training (BLK) Kayuambua, Susut and at the Bunga Bali Foundation with a total of 50 productive aged people being trained. “We started the training on March 29 and it will go on for two months. Both men and women are being trained”, he explained.

Sukarta added that this is the third time that the government is trained people to sew. The Social Agency has found this to be an effective way of making poor people more independent and improving the economy. From the results of monitoring done in the field, 90 percent of the poor people who receive this training now offer sewing service from their homes. “There are people provide sewing service for customary attire like kebaya, as well as simple tailoring”, he explained.

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Sukarta added that the Social Agency plans to provide advanced sewing training in the future, to improve skills of participants and allow them to develop their home business further, however, they have yet to find a qualified instructor. “We also provide trainees with sewing machines,” said Sukarta.


Source&image: Bali Post International


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