Things To Do In Bali – Part 1

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Chris and I are back in Bali. Since our first trip we seem to find ourselves here every year. There are so many reasons to visit: the people, the natural beauty, the beaches, to name a few.

As I write this, I’m sitting in a cafe in Ubud, with super slow Wi-Fi but the rice field it looks onto more than makes up for that. Right now, I wouldn’t want to be writing anywhere else.

So I thought I’d put together a list of some of our favourite things to do in Bali (in no particular order), in case you’re tempted to explore.

#1 Do a Rice Terrace Trek
On our last trip we went on two of these, and I fell over both times! But I absolutely loved them. You often go past farmers and people working in the rice fields, and the scenery is beautiful.

#2 Yoga
If you go to Ubud, chances are you will see people wearing yoga clothes, carrying yoga mats, eating after yoga… Ubud is the land of yoga, so if you’re interested, it’s a pretty good place to try it.

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#3 Eat at a Warung
A warung is basically the name of the local eateries serving Balinese food. Most are pretty rustic, but they are some of the few places you can actually try the local cuisine.

#4 Eat at a World Class Restaurant
Bali has a growing number of world-class restaurants. Seminyak is known for its restaurants, but on our last trip some of our favourites were also in Ubud and Jimbaran.

#5 Do a Cooking Class
Doing a cooking class in Bali not only improves your cooking skills but helps you learn about Balinese culture. It’s also where I have tasted some of the best Balinese food over the years.

#6 Visit a Traditional Market
Traditional markets are where locals buy their fresh produce and other supplies. Visiting one gives you an insight into Balinese culture and it’s also a feast for the eyes. Each village usually has one.

#7 Get a Massage
Bali is the land of massages… from cheap and cheerful to luxury spas.

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#8 White Water Rafting
Popular in the rivers near Ubud, if you’re seeking some adventure and fun.

#9 Do a Volcano Trek
Mount Batur is a popular trek… up an active volcano. We haven’t done this one, but we hear the sunrise views at the top are well worth it.

#10 Stay in an Amazing Hotel
Bali has some beautiful and luxurious hotels with amazing designs. The hardest thing will be narrowing the field.

#11 Have a Seafood Dinner on the Beach
Jimbaran Bay is famous for its seafood dinners on the beach. Feet in sand, prawns on plate. This is one of our favourite things to do in Bali.

#12 Watch the Sunset From the Best Spots
We have seen so many beautiful sunsets in Bali, and so many great places to watch them from. The pool, the beach, the bar, the clifftop…

#13 Chat With the Locals
Balinese people are generally very friendly and curious, so stop and have a chat.

#14 Spend the day at a Beach Club
Think beautiful beach, comfortable chairs, nice restaurant… what more could you want?

#15 Explore the Beaches of the Bukit Peninsular
The beaches in southern Bali are some of the best. Hire a private driver and spend the day exploring the beautiful beaches. Some of our faves include Padang Padang and Bingin Beach.

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#16 Take Photos
With so many interesting things to take photos of, you won’t be able to help yourself.

#17 Cycle Through the Villages
We once did a bicycle tour where we rode through lots of different villages and it was one of my most memorable moments in Bali. A must do.

#18 Hire a Private Driver
The main ways to get around in Bali are via a taxi and private driver. Taxi is fine to get you from A to B, but if you want to explore and use their local knowledge, hire a private driver for a day and stop off at amazing sights.

#19 Visit a UNESCO world heritage site
Our favourite was the Jatuliwih Rice Terraces, an hour or two from Seminyak and Ubud.

#20 See at Least Two Different Sides to Bali
Bali has so many different sides, and if you only stay in once place you might miss some of the best parts.





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