Sensation of Playing at Sky Swing Bali

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Sky Swing Bali is one of Bali’s newest destinations that combine the concepts of nature, tradition, culture, and entertainment for tourists visiting the Island of Bali. Its main building is made of bamboo with the theme of Bedawang Nala meaning the source of sustainable life located at Jalan Dewi Saraswati No.9 Karang Dalem hamlet 1, Bongkasa Pertiwi, North Badung.

This new tourist attraction is equipped with rides allowing visitors to enjoy adventures such as air balloon rides where tourists can experience hot air balloon adventures and enjoy spectacular views of the beautiful rice fields and Ubud forest.

The swing is done on a cliff at a height, so it gives a thrill and the adrenaline will get triggered. In addition, the unique photos obtained during the swing activity make this attraction a trend and becomes one of the favorite holiday activities for tourists when visiting Bali.

Meanwhile, for tourists desiring to enjoy the beauty of the Ayung River, the Sky Swing Bali also offers rafting activities along the Ayung River, the longest river in Bali, a 62.5 km long river that empties into Sanur.

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Ayung River is indeed worth getting the predicate. Aside from being the longest river, it also has rapids suitable for rafting activities for beginners because it has grades II-III. So for those who often vacation to Bali and the lovers of rafting activities, the name Ayung River is no longer out of place.

In the meantime, VW Safari is a new way offered by Sky Swing Bali for those desiring to enjoy the natural scenery such as mountain and rural nature with an open hood in order to enjoy the fresh air blowing in the countryside. And the no less exciting for tourists is the ATV ride adventure that is also provided here.

Restaurant and spa facilities are also available here. Thus, guests can also enjoy food and beverage servings with the atmosphere of rice fields to relax with a menu prepared exclusively by the executive chef for lunch or a romantic dinner. At the end of the tour, guests can enjoy a special spa and massage treatment prepared by professional masseurs after a day of exploring Bali.

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Source&image: Bali Travel News


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