Group of men rape Indonesian girl

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A young, 14-year-old girl from Bengkulu was gang-raped last month on April 2. Now, a similar such case has been uncovered in Manado, North Sulawesi.

In a press conference on Saturday, the mother of the victim said 15 men had raped her daughter in January.

“It started with my daughter being invited by two girls, who were also our neighbors, to Bolangitang, North Sulawesi, five hours from Manado,” the victim’s mother said to reporters as quoted by

Then, the mother continued, the two women asked her daughter to take drugs. She added that after the drugs had taken effect, her daughter was dragged into a hotel and forced to take off her clothes. 15 men then proceeded to rape her.

“My daughter asked for help from outside the hotel, but because she was drunk, she went back to the room. Every time she snapped out of confusion, she saw herself naked and those men continuously raped her,” the victim’s mother said.

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After Bolangitang, she was then brought to Gorontalo where she was again raped by some other men, the mother added.

“She said after reaching Gorontalo, she was assaulted once more by four men. One of them might have been a police officer,” she said.

The victim was so traumatized that she did not recognize her parents and siblings when she got back to Manado.

The case was reported to the local police in Manado in January 2016. The case was then transferred to the North Sulawesi Regional Police. Gorontalo Police will also be involved in the case. However, the family believes that the case has not been handled by the police with professionalism.

“In our opinion, there has not been adequate progress. Those two women who gave out the invitation to our daughter were only detained one day and then released. We hope for more support from the Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Ministry,” she said.

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In relation to the case, Professor Vennetia Ryckerens Danes said the ministry would follow the process of the case and provide legal support through the Indonesian Advocate Association.

“From the explanation we have received, this case can be categorized as human trafficking. It also involves corrupt police officers,” Danes said.

Source :The Jakarta Post




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