Mount Slamet to Welcome Hikers Starting This Weekend

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The hiking trail to Mount Slamet through Bambangan, Kutabawa village in Karangreja district, Purbalingga, is set to be reopened on March 2 following improved weather and ecosystem recovery efforts over the past few months.

“Based on the consideration of weather and hiking trails that have been improved, we have decided to reopen the hiking trail to Mount Slamet through Bambangan in Kutabawa starting March 2,” Prayitno, tourism department head of the Purbalingga Tourism, Sports and Youth Agency, told on Friday.

The trail had previously been closed since Jan. 10 as part of an effort to improve the ecosystem balance in the area and preserve the flora and fauna.

“Following massive hiking activities over New Year’s Eve, the trail needed to be rehabilitated, hence it was closed temporarily,” said Prayitno. The agency is said to have deployed two workers to guard the first hiking post and attend to cleanup activities and the maintenance of plants.

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Source&image: TheJakartaPost


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