Kuta Traffic Changes

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As you may have noticed, Bali Police Department is currently enforcing massive changes to traffic routes in Kuta area. The proposed traffic changes was introduced in mid January, and started on February 1st. During February, police officers will be on standby to redirect and guide road users to follow the new routes. On March 1st, the traffic changes will take full effect, and the police officers will issue a ticket to those disregarding the new traffic rules.

Click on the image above for more insight about the new traffic rules. We made the map based on the official map issued by Bali Police Department (see the original map in the gallery at the end of this page).[clearfix]

Here’s the summary of the traffic changes:

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  • Jalan Raya Kuta (starts from Bali Bakery) will be a one-way street, going from north to south.
  • Patih Jelantik to the intersection of jalan Sriwijaya will be one way only going from west to east (it was a two-way street). Intersection of jalan Sriwijaya to jalan Legian stays as one-way street with the same traffic direction.
  • Jalan Majapahit will retain its traffic flow from south to north. However, the rule now also applies for motorcycles too.
  • Traffic of jalan Legian (Ground Zero) is reversed so now it goes from south to north.
  • Traffic of Bemo Corner to Pura Puseh (across Pasar Kuta) is reversed so now it goes from east to west.
  • Traffic of jalan Singosari (also known as jalan Bakung Sari) is also reversed so now it goes from west to east.
  • Jalan Kartika Plaza will be a one-way street, traveling from south to north (it was a two-way street).
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Alternatively, you can also watch this video created by fajar mizink.

There are also plans to change the traffic direction in Jalan Kayu Ayu & Jalan Beraban in north Seminyak and to Jalan Mertanadi & Jalan Tangkuban Perahu in Kerobokan.

Sources & images: @infodenpasar
Image for map:


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