Kreasi Indonesia 2016 in Perth Gains its Second Success

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Kreasi Indonesia 2016, a promotion event held annually to celebrate the anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia in the City of Perth, Western Australia, last weekend, has once again achieving success.

The event presents 7 hours of nonstop attractions and thousands of enthusiastic visitors to follow the indoor and outdoor activities.

Kreasi Indonesia was first held in 2015 as Indonesia’s largest breakthrough promotion of cultural and culinary in Western Australia.

With the full support of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia for Western Australia in Perth, Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN), Center for Indonesian Perth, Garuda Indonesia, and various community organizations Indonesia in Western Australia, Kreasi Indonesia  2016 managed to bring about 5,000 people visitors.

Spectators came from various cirlces including government officials, parliamentarians, Indonesian teachers and students, non-Indonesian citizens, and Indonesia people who currently live in Perth and surrounding areas.

Kreasi Indonesia 2016, titled “Unity in Diversity” was officially inaugurated by the Consul General of Perth, Ade Padmo Sarwono. In his speech, Ade confirms that the activity was made possible by the cooperation on all Indonesian organizations and is expected to strengthen the relationship of Indonesia-Australian community.

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Kreasi Indonesia 2016 presents more than 200 artists performing in three marathon sessions. At the inaugural session 11:00 to 13:30 pm, spectators were treated to a concert titled “Indonesia in Diversity” featuring a chorus of national songs and colossal dances from Sabang to Merauke. A group of musicians, Bink VHO, enliven the stage by performing songs from Aceh.

In the second session that started at 13:30 local time or 12:30 pm, visitors are invited to sing and dance together with the artists supporting Kreasi Indonesia, featuring children vocal group and violin and guitar performances. The filmmaker couple Nia Zulkarnain and Ari Sihasale unveils the story of of their 80 days trip around Papua to film “Uncover Papua”.

Film “Uncover Papua” conveys the natural beauty of Papua and West Papua, the population and the local culture. A band from Papua “Pacenogei” sing their hits songs including “Su Tralu Lama” and invite the audience to Yospan, a traditional of Papua. Papua students who attended the event are singing and dancing along with the group.

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The third session was held in Curtin University Stadium, featuring an Angklung team by Dharma Wanita Persatuan KJRI in Perth. They invited the audience to join and play angklung. In this session, the dancers also perform the exotic Kecak dance. Closing the seven-hours event is the fire dance performed spectacularly by Jatayu Group Productions.

In Kreasi Indonesia 2016, the committee set up 45 stalls for a range of typical Indonesian food, Indonesia clothing, as well as several organizations who actively promote the relationship between Indonesia and Australia. More than 100 types of food and beverages sold in Kreasi Indonesia, including Sundanese cuisine, Makassar, Palembang, Padang, Bali, Yogyakarta, and others.

Australians gamelan community which are nurtured by the KJRI in Perth also performs during the event, while Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (Aiya), Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth, Indonesia Institute, Bali Peace Park, ACICIS, and several other organizations promoting their activities.

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