Indonesia Expects to Pass Data Protection Bill in 2018

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The government aims to deliberate and pass into law the personal data protection bill this year, although it is not listed in the 2018 National Legislation Program (Prolegnas).

The Communications and Information Ministry sent a draft of the bill to the Law and Human Rights Ministry last year.

Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara said on Friday that there was still a possibility the bill would be deliberated if lawmakers completed discussion on other priority bills quickly.

“If the law-making process goes fast, there is still a chance for the personal data protection bill to be included in the Prolegnas. I hope it will happen this year,” he said at the Office of the Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister.

Rudiantara underlined the importance of the law for both domestic and international affairs. He cited an example that European countries had obliged their trading partners to have a personal data protection law to carry out digital trade.

“If we want to sell the products of our small and medium enterprises [SMEs] to Europe, we will face difficulties because of the absence of a data protection law,” Rudiantara explained.

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At present, personal data protection is only guaranteed by Communications and Information Ministerial Decree No. 20/2016.

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