How Kelly Slater Got Into Bali? (2020)

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For surfers, especially surfers in Bali you guys must be wondering how the famous Kelly Slater got into Bali on 8th September 2020. Well, apart from he is Kelly Slater, we will find out how he came to Bali during this pandemic.

No surprise there that most people find it strange Kelly Slater surfing in Uluwatu during the pandemic. Especially because Indonesia – Bali has not opened its border for international tourism because of Covid-19.

How Kelly Slater Came to Bali?

So how did he come to Bali and how is he surfing in Bali during pandemic? Well it’s kinda easy to answer. Here are the possible answer:

He is Kelly Slater

He is Kelly Slater. Chance is Indonesian government invited him to promote business – surfing in this case – and Bali tourism. But why tho’?

Isn’t the border not open yet? then why would the government invited him to promote business? There comes the second possible answer.

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Using Visa

Yep, even tho’ from the regulation stand of point only those essential workers are eligible to enter Indonesia with working visa, but welcome to Indonesia.

Higher chance is the He is using an agent – and pay $$$ – to get a Social Visa. Yes, you too can get Social B211A to enter Bali. Some agents are able to do this, but because it’s illegal, so please don’t.

We say it’s illegal because the visa is currently being used for those essential workers, family reunion. If you come to Bali with B211A from an agent and you’re here just for tourism, there will be higher change you will get kicked out.

Kelly Slater in Uluwatu

Well he’s in Bali now and let’s see his action at Uluwatu Beach.


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