Hotel Occupancy Rates Remain Flat

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Hotel occupancy rates, especially starred hotels in Badung, have not shown any significant progress recently. The average occupancy rate at present is around 58.6 percent. In addition to the fact of it being low season, the increase in domestic flight price is thought to be another factor causing hotel occupancies to remain limp.

Head of Badung Tourism Board, I Wayan Badra, said the condition is still showing a decline. “Actually, we should already see the occupancy rate going up, but because the flight prices are increasing, tourist visits are declining,” explained Badra.

This is especially true for domestic travelers, said Badra. However, with the recent information that there will be an assessment of flight prices from the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub), tourist numbers to Badung are hoped to grow again, before reaching its peak in June-July-August.

Meanwhile, foreign arrivals, in March saw an increase of 4.18 percent compared to February. In February, 451,436 foreign tourists visited Badung. “Of course, we all hope that the foreign visits will increase, too,” he said.

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As is well documented, Badung has approximately 102 thousand hotel rooms. This amount represents 90 percent of the total number of hotel rooms throughout Bali.


Source&image: Seminyak Times


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