Heritage Destination De Tjolomadoe Now Home to Sugar Factory Museum

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Tourist destination De Tjolomadoe in Karanganyar regency, Central Java, officially launched its sugar factory museum on Dec. 8.

De Tjolomadoe was previously a sugar factory. Built in 1861 by then principality ruler Mangkunegara IV, the factory was the world’s second-largest sugar exporter after Cuba in its heyday.

The museum is located in the former factory’s carbonation station. Visitors can learn about the factory’s history through various infographics, photographs and texts. A large screen also displays a map of the world sugar trade.

“We have compiled this historical narrative from various archives, working with a number of academics to complement the museum,” De Tjolomadoe’s management PT Sinergi Colomadu president director Rachmat Priyatna said.

The museum also has a showroom showcasing documentation of the old sugar trade’s economic and political conditions. A blueprint and a replica of the Tjolomadoe sugar factory in its early days is also on display.

Photographs of Thai King Prajadhipok’s visit to Tjolomadoe to study the sugar business hang on the museum’s wall. The factory inspired the king to open a sugar factory in his home country.

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Visitors can also see contemporary art installations in other rooms. One of them is Wagis Wara Park by Tempa, which represents the factory as Mangkunegaran Temple’s symbol of independence.

While the museum had been open to the public for free since March 24, PT Sinergi Colomadu ended the free-entry period with the official launch. Admission to the museum costs Rp 25,000 (US$1.71).


Source&image: TheJakartaPost


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