Heater Rosemary Lloyd, Fighting Against Plastic Waste in Bali

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Potential of tourism owned by Buleleng invited the interest of Miss Pure International United Kingdom (UK), Heater Rosemary Lloyd, to visits this region on Sunday (Feb. 17). This beautiful woman visited three well-known tourist destinations in North Bali. No less importantly, the visit of this woman from London also campaigned for ‘war’ against plastic waste.

Rosemary Lloyd claimed to get interested in seeing from near the Puputan Jagaraga War Monument as well as several temples at Jagaraga village, and other beautiful places. She also learned to dance and tried to weave songket clothes belonging in the typical style of Sinabun village.

She stated that in addition to tourism promotion, her visit to Buleleng is also for environmental care campaigns highlighting good waste handling and campaign to reduce the use of plastic. This campaign is intensively carried out because in 2020 Europe prohibits the use of plastic and straws. “I want to be passionate about caring for the environment in Indonesia, Bali and especially Buleleng. When it comes to tourism potential, I will promote the experience of traveling here,” she said.

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Related to memorable experiences while visiting Buleleng, this woman from London claimed to get interested in Trunajaya Dance. She chose Trunajaya Dance to be used as Buleleng tourism promotion material. Similarly, she promised to promote Buleleng tourism to other tourists including those who will have a honeymoon. “I will promote to tourists, not only those who like to visit the beach but also those that will enjoy their honeymoon moment. They can come here. It can be further promoted. Moreover, there is a presentation of the Trunajaya Dance that I like,” she stressed.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Buleleng Tourism Office, Nyoman Sutrisna, said the three destinations visited are in Sawan subdistrict namely the Puputan Jagaraga War Monument, several temples at Jagaraga village and songket weaving business at Sinabun village. The presence of the Miss Pure International United Kingdom is a golden opportunity to increase the promotion of tourism development in the region. From this first visit, Sutrisna hoped that her visiting experience and some tourist destination references in North Bali can be promoted to her home country and other countries in the world.

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“This is a positive impression for the progress and increased tourism promotion in our region. Hopefully, the visiting experience and information about this destination can be promoted in her home country, London and other countries in the world,” he said.

Source&image: Bali Travel News


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