Head in The Clouds at Yogyakarta’s Clifftop Tourist Spot, Jurang Tembelan

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The rainy season in Indonesia, which generally spans between November and March, can sometimes wreak havoc on travel plans, as rainfall could hinder outdoor activities and obscure panoramic views.

There are some destinations, however, that may be better visited during the rainy season, with the weather providing an extra touch of allure.   According to, those who are planning to visit Yogyakarta during the rainy season can visit Jurang Tembelan (Tembelan Gorge).

Located in Mangunan village, the gorge is approximately 24 kilometers from Yogyakarta city, or around a 1-hour drive. It is a popular site that is also close to other destinations, such as Mangunan Pines, Mangunan Fruit Garden, Panguk Hill, and Mojo Hill.

Jurang Tembelan sits up on a hill and is home to several photo spots, including a viewing platform resembling a ship’s deck that extends from the edge of a cliff.  The spot provides panoramic views of the Yogyakarta country-side, with green hills surrounding the area, as well as a river flowing down below.

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The rainy season becomes a special time to visit Jurang Tembelan as it brings a certain charm when the mist and clouds come rolling in.

Although the rainy season is usually be associated with thick clouds that block the scenery, the unique sensation of being on the ship in cloudy conditions mean taking in the sweeping views as if standing above the clouds.

Visitors can catch the view in the early hours of the morning during the rainy season, when a layer of fog appears in the valley of the gorge, subsequently giving an impression of drifting above a river of misty clouds.

Source&image: TheJakartaPost


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