Glass Bridge Between 2 Villages Draws Tourists to Malang

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Visitors to Malang in East Java may want to check out a glass bridge that connects the kampungs of Warna-Warni and Tridi in Blimbing district, Malang, East Java.

According to, the glass-bottomed bridge has become a popular photo spot in the area for the illusion of walking on air, similar to the much larger Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge in China.

Jodipan village security staff Basori said the bridge had been built around a year ago and was always packed with visitors, especially on the weekend. Meanwhile, Andina Putri, a visitor to the villages, said she had come specifically to take photos on the glass bridge.

To take photos on the glass bridge, visitors need to pay Rp 3,000 (less than 50 cents) per person in either of the villages.

Warna-Warni and Tridi first rose to fame in 2016. Sitting on the riverbanks, the villages were a slum area before being revamped into a tourist destination in a concerted effort that involved students from Malang Muhammadiyah University and local paint manufacturer PT. Indana Paint.

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Source&image: TheJakartaPost


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