FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach Equipped with Waka-Waka Indoor Playground

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Staying overnight at FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach, Seminyak, will definitely never make bored. The accommodation with a view of Kuta’s white sand beach provides a comfortable traveling atmosphere. Moreover, the local community’s activities have become a tradition as well as the services of hotel prioritize local culture, so that it really gives the atmosphere of staying on the Island of the Gods. Now, FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach, Seminyak, is equipped with water play and Waka-Waka Fun Indoor Playground.

Various types of games are prepared in an area of ​​approximately 300 square meters starting from trampoline equipped with start button (timer). Children can record how much time must be prepared in a game. They can play trampoline, pass footing, hang, play balance, rock and pass-through tunnel. “The game goes straight to the stop button so that it can calculate playing time like in a race,” said Resort Manager, I Gusti Agung Eka Murti.

All the games are intended for children over the age of 6 years. While for children under 6 years, simple games are prepared, such as playing with tires, balls and there are games that can be pushed and prepared walls that can be painted. “We also prepare activity team in the game. This team invites children every hour with different activities. In the future, we also prepare activities on the beach. We are exploring cooperation with the beach authority so that children are comfortable when playing in the sand,” he explained.

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Waka-Waka Bali is open every day starting at 10:00 until 19:00. Local children are given specially discounted prices. Likewise, children who come in groups of more than 10 children will get a discount of up to 50 percent. “By holding a ticket, children can play as much as they like. If getting bored in Waka-Waka Bali, they can play in the water. We prepare slippers or shoes as well as towels when playing with water,” he added.

If desiring to enjoy the game, you must first register. Children will get a bracelet as proof they have registered. It is also to ensure the child’s safety. “The Seminyak tourist area has the trend for families. We also have wider room capacities for two-bedrooms, so that the types of tourists coming will be more families. To provide services, we try to make this water play attraction,” explained Eka Murti.

According to him, this game receives a very good response from tourists. In the past, this type of water game was closed down because there was a process of improvement, but it reaped compensation. “Therefore, we want to continue, but it is definitely different from other hotels. We want to present useful attractions. This game can move the child’s motor nerve so that it becomes healthy. Children play and move while thinking about resolving the games, so the motor also works. Previously, we had a discussion, so that this type of game emerged,” he concluded.

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Source&image: Bali Travel News


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