East Java Resort Offers Japanese Hot Springs

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Visiting an onsen (Japanese hot spring) is a must while in Japan. The traditional bath is believed to have many health benefits as it uses hot spring water. Those who want to experience the unique tradition can do so at Genki Onsen in Batu, East Java. Located at The Onsen Hot Spring Resort, Genki Onsen is a public bath facility that uses sulfur hot springs that flow from the Songgoriti Temple.

Adista Anggraini of the resort’s public relations department said the facility adopted the traditional Japanese onsen concept, using 42 degrees Celsius water that was not only meant to warm the body, but also benefit the skin and provide a relaxing experience.

Open from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., the hot springs are divided into male and female sections. Each pool can accommodate up to 20 people. In addition to the hot springs, Genki Onsen also comes with cold-water pools.

Adisti suggested that guests take a bath in the sulfur water prior to moving to the cold water pool, then go back and forth three times to gain the health benefits. In regard to hygiene, Adista explained that Genki Onsen changed the water every day.

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However, unlike traditional Japanese onsen, where guests are required to bathe naked, Genki Onsen provides disposable undergarments and camisoles or boxers. Guests are not allowed to use their gadgets while in the springs.

Those wanting to try the onsen will need to fork out Rp 150,000 (US$10.06) per person for one hour. However, guests can also tour the Japanese resort without using the hot springs by paying an entrance fee of Rp 50,000.

“They can take photos in several spots wearing yukata (casual summer kimono),” Adisti said. In addition to the public onsen, The Onsen Hot Spring Resort also provides a private onsen facility at the cottages. It can be used from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.


Source&image: TheJakartaPost


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