Bali Tourism Players Join Workshop on Identifying Fake Passports, Document Fraud

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To prevent the misuse of travel documents, more than 200 representatives from Bali’s tourism industry received special training from special agents from the US State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) from Sept. 25 to 26.

The two-day training focused on identifying fake passports and document fraud and recognizing impostors.

The chief instructor of the training was Dmitriy Bocheko, the regional security officer’s investigator assistant at the US Consulate General’s DSS in Surabaya, East Java. Meanwhile, the participants came from the airline and hotel industry, as well as members of the Overseas Security Advisory Council’s (OSAC) Bali Country Council.

The US consul general in Surabaya, Mark McGovern, said in a statement that the workshop was part of a broad US government outreach throughout eastern Indonesia to increase partnership in the areas of safety, security, and expertise.

“This training increases security and confidence for the millions of tourists who visit Bali each year. This is another example of the enduring partnership between the United States and Indonesia and shows our commitment to stability and security in the region,” McGovern said.

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The workshop aimed to exchange expertise and provide additional skills and tools that can be used to prevent the misuse of travel documents by would-be criminals, human traffickers, terrorists or others who may have obtained documents by fraudulent means.

The main subjects highlighted at the event included learning the science behind impostor recognition and learning how to examine actual security features of a document to verify whether it is genuine.

Source&image: TheJakartaPost


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