Bali Implements USD10 Tourist Tax: Here’s the Payment Process and What It Supports

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Starting February 2024, all foreign tourists entering Bali are required to pay a tourist tax of 10 US Dollars per person, equivalent to approximately Rp150,000. This regulation is in accordance with Law Number 15 of 2023 regarding the Province of Bali.

It’s important to note that the imposition of this retribution is not a novel concept in Bali. Previously, the Provincial Government of Bali had established Regional Regulation Number 1 of 2020 concerning tourist contributions. However, the previous rule stated that the contributions were voluntary.

The implementation of the Tourist Tax in Bali is scheduled to begin in February 2024. Currently, the Bali Provincial Government has conducted awareness campaigns across various sectors, including simulating the tax collection process for foreign tourists arriving in Bali. The estimated time per tourist for the entire process is only about 23 seconds.

Bali Implements USD10 Tourist Tax: Here's the Payment Process and What It Supports
Bali Implements USD10 Tourist Tax: Here's the Payment Process and What It Supports 2

Purpose of Bali’s Tourist Tax:

The approval of the retribution for foreign tourists in Bali has sparked debates across various circles. However, Governor I Wayan Koster and Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy/Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency, Sandiaga Uno, assure that, if implemented correctly, this retribution will not adversely affect the number of foreign tourist visits to Bali.

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Furthermore, the collection of this retribution aims to provide tangible benefits in preserving Bali’s culture and environment. This aligns with the principles of international tourists who consistently support environmental sustainability and cultural preservation in Bali.

In the future, the retribution in Bali will not only safeguard the environment but also play a crucial role in protecting and advancing Balinese culture, including customs, traditions, cultural arts, and local wisdom to maintain Bali’s spiritual aura.

Additionally, the retribution is expected to enhance the information services for Bali’s Cultural Tourism, as well as contribute to building quality public transportation infrastructure. The regulation aims to create cleanliness, order, comfort, and safety for tourists exploring the Island of Gods.

Payment Mechanism for Tourist Tax:

For your information, the Rp150,000 fee applies to each foreign tourist visiting Bali, payable only once during their stay. The accepted payment method is cashless, through the designated Perception Bank appointed by the Bali Provincial Government, namely Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI).

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To streamline the process, foreign tourists are advised to access the “Love Bali System” before arriving in Bali. They can then choose their preferred payment method, such as Bank Transfer, Virtual Account, or QRIS.

Upon successful transaction, the Love Bali System will provide a digital payment confirmation (Paid notification). Foreign tourists are encouraged to make payments before their departure to ensure smooth service upon arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport and Benoa Harbor.

If unable to use the Love Bali System, foreign tourists can make non-cash payments at BRI counters available at airports or harbors. Payment methods include debit/credit cards or Electronic Data Capture (EDC). Tourists will receive a printout of the payment confirmation.

It is crucial for all tourists to retain valid payment proof, as it will be scanned during the document verification stage upon entering the arrival gate.


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