A Luxury Villa Experience in Uluwatu Ended Up as a Controversy

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In the midst of a swirling controversy, a well-known influencer finds herself at the center of a heated dispute with the owner of a luxury villa in Uluwatu. Rachel Vennya alleges that she was forcibly removed from the premises for bringing her own provisions, accusing the owner of misleading practices and discourteous behavior regarding the villa’s policies.

Contrary to Rachel’s claims, the foreign proprietor refutes the allegations, asserting that she breached the booking terms and displayed disrespect. The incident has ignited a fervent online discourse, with supporters rallying behind Rachel and detractors accusing her of entitlement and extravagance. Beyond the interpersonal clash, the incident has prompted broader inquiries into the regulatory landscape and taxation policies governing foreign-owned villas in Bali.

The Chronology of the Controversy MMM Boutique Villa

The chronology of the controversy between MMM Boutique Villa and Rachel Venya, Indonesian Influencers:

  • Rachel Vennya booked the villa in December 2020 for attending the Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) in Bali, but she had to reschedule due to her children’s school event. She paid Rp 75 million for three nights, plus Rp 15 million for rescheduling.
  • When she arrived at the villa on February 2, 2024, she was offered a breakfast package for Rp 200 thousand per person, which she declined because she brought her own food and drinks. She was then asked to pay a corkage fee of Rp 400 thousand per bottle for bringing outside food and drinks, which she refused because she was not informed about this rule before.
  • She was also not allowed to use the kitchen or the dining table in the villa, because they were part of the villa’s restaurant and bar. She felt that the villa’s rules and facilities were misleading and dishonest.
  • She complained to the owner of the villa, who was a foreigner, but he was rude and dismissive to her. He told her to leave the villa immediately or he would call the police. He also said that he did not care about her followers or her influence.
  • She recorded a video of her experience and posted it on her Instagram story, which went viral and attracted a lot of attention from netizens. Some supported her and some criticized her for being entitled and wasteful.
  • The owner of the villa later apologized to her and refunded her 100 percent of the payment. He said that he was shocked by the impact of her video and that he would revise his internal policies and approach to guests.
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One of the controversy is the way the Owner messaged the customer. In an captured conversation, the owners said “We don’t deal with people that bring everything themselves and want a cheap bali holiday”.

A Luxury Villa Experience in Uluwatu Ended Up as a Controversy

This message has infuriated many local residents, as it is perceived as undermining the value of local tourists. This is not the first occurrence, and it seems to have become a stereotype. However, it is worth emphasizing that the offered villa prices are already exceptionally high. Certainly, it is within the rights of the villa renters to use the facilities provided in the villa.

Only when this issue was published and went viral did the villa owner agree to refund the entire amount, 100%, to the villa renter. And until this article released, all the social channels of the MMM Boutique Villas Uluwatu are closed.

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According to the villa owner, the corkage fee policy and the prohibition on bringing outside food and drinks have been established as part of the luxury villa’s policies and serve as selling points for the overall experience.

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In your opinion, do you think this is reasonable?

The question of whether the corkage fee policy and the prohibition on bringing outside food and drinks are reasonable or not can be subjective. Some people may agree that luxury villas have the right to set certain policies to maintain quality and enhance the guest experience. These policies might be seen as part of their efforts to provide an exclusive and well-managed experience.

On the other hand, some individuals might view these policies as too strict and potentially not in line with their expectations or preferences. This is particularly true if the policies are not clearly communicated to guests beforehand, as was the case with Rachel Vennya.

It’s crucial for villa owners to transparently communicate rules to guests, and guests should ideally read and understand these policies before making a reservation. Clear understanding from both parties can help prevent discomfort and conflicts in the future.

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