Bali Mandara Toll Road – 5 Unique Facts of the First Toll in Bali

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Bali Mandara Toll Road is the official name of the first toll road in Bali, and it is also the first toll road in Indonesia built across an ocean. It is unique compared to other toll road in Indonesia as it also accommodates motorbikes with a dedicated lane. The 12,7 km road connects Benoa Harbour in Denpasar, Ngurah Rai airport in Tuban, and Nusa Dua. The length is quite similar to Penang Bridge in Malaysia (13.5 km) or Union Bridge in Canada (12.9 km).

A fixed fare applies for the same vehicle category to all route, so drivers should pay in the entrance toll booth. Motorbikes are charged IDR 4,500, and medium sized vehicle such as city car, SUV, jeep, or minibuses are charged IDR 11,000. There are also more categories for larger vehicles. Two types of toll booths available; regular ones which accept cash, and a dedicated booth for payment using Mandiri e-toll card.

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Aside from the fact that it is the first toll in Indonesia built over the ocean, lets review these 5 unique facts of the first toll in Bali:

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  • 100% made in Indonesia

    The toll road is built only by using financial support from Bali-based national & regional state-owned enterprises. The IDR 2.4 trillion expenses are covered by state-owned banks and Jasa Marga, without any support from the national state budget. Furthermore, the materials and technology used in the construction are all made in Indonesia.

  • Fast construction

    The project was started in March 2012 and finished in May 2013, which is quite fast. This is partly due to the fact that there is no need for the time-consuming land-clearing process. As many as 16,000 mangrove were planted after the project is finished, to replace for the damaged ones during the toll construction.

  • Was nameless

    After the project is finished, the toll road is still without a name. People would call it over-the-ocean toll road, or Nusa Dua – Ngurah Rai – Benoa toll road as the connected regions suggest. The Governor of Bali, Mangku Pastika, proposed two names to the President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, for the toll road; Soekarno Hatta and Bali Mandara.

  • Allows motorbike

    It is the first toll road in Indonesia that allows motorbikes, though they have a dedicated lane separated with a barrier alongside the main road. However, due to the strong wind, the motorbikes speed are limited to 40 km/h.

  • 24 hours CCTV and anemometer

    The high wind gust poses great risk to vehicles running on the toll road because it is built over the ocean. As a preemptive measure, Jasa Marga installed anemometers and will temporarily close the toll road if the wind gust is over 40km/h. CCTVs used to monitor around the clock, and Jasa Marga provides free towing service whenever needed.


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