Samsung Defeats Apple

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How important is the Galaxy Note range to Samsung’s status as a leading mobile device manufacturer? I would suggest that its very important. Although the Galaxy S handsets generate more volume of sales and are seen as the leading smartphones, the Galaxy Note range of phablet devices is the domain of the geekerati.

Even though the current flagship phablet from the South Korean company upset the faithful, the Note is still revered by its fans. The Galaxy Note 5 has topped the 2016 American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) poll to take the title of “America’s Favorite Smartphone” (reports Phandroid’s Andrew Myrick). The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a rating of 86 out of a possible 100, equalling last year’s poll-topping performance from the Galaxy Note 4.

Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus is just one notch behind on 85, which is an improvement on the iPhone 6 Plus’ 82 that it scored last year.

The ACSI poll asks users who own each device how satisfied with their purchase. That means the poll is not judging the retail performance of the device or the overall impact, but the satisfaction of the users who purchased the device. The countless Note fans who looked at the changes in the Note 5 (including the loss of microSD expansion) and passed on the device are not registered here.

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With the return of many features to this year’s Note device (including reinstated microSD support), as well as the potential of adopting the curved screen design of the S6 Edge and S7 Edge, Samsung will be looking to increase sales and retain the high levels of customer satisfaction.

That should be achievable. The Galaxy Note 5 launched under a cloud of discontented power-users and received a mixed critical and commercial reception. All the signs at the moment point to this year’s Galaxy Note fixing many issues the geekerati had with the Note 5, and updating the design to strengthen Samsung’s innovation in design.

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