Bali wave forecast for surfers! Get daily and weekly tide & wave forecast for well-known beach in Bali.

Bali, with its glut of world class surf spots, is the epicentre of Indonesian surfing. Any surf trip here almost invariably begins on Kuta beach, the original Indonesian beach resort. The waves here offer something for everyone; advanced surfers will revel in fun, peaky conditions whilst beginners will find the soft sand beach breaks, and numerous surf schools, the perfect setting for a first taste of surfing.

Bali gets the full force of southern ocean swells direct from the antarctic with its south-west and south-east coasts being littered with surf spots. The dry winter months (June-Sept) are preferred for surf conditions however this means that these are also the most crowded times. Given a bit of local knowledge it is still possible to find uncrowded perfect breaks on Bali.

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