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2016 – Çaka 1937 – 1938

Bali local citizens are mostly Hindu followers and have their own Lunar-based calendar system called the Çaka calendar. The print version of this calendar is available to buy at local supermarkets and bookstores. The calendar provides general information about Indonesia public holidays, also various information such as the Moon cycle, Hindu holidays & events, to recommended period for planting & harvesting crops, and many more. Among the holidays, there are some very important holidays like Galungan which requires a lot of details that the Balinese would take leave from their daily work for one full week.

If you come to Bali at the “right” time, you might be frustrated with lots of worker holidays and roadblocks since Balinese often use the road to hold a ceremony. To have a full experience of your holiday in Bali, below you can find important days taken from the Balinese calendar so that you can plan you holiday with ease.

– Red text denotes national holiday
– The ones marked * are explained at the bottom half of this page


07 February – Chinese New Year (2016 the Fire Monkey)
10 February – Galungan*
20 February – Kuningan*


09 March – Nyepi & Çaka New Year 1938
10 March – Ngembak Geni*
25 March – Good Friday


30 April – Tumpek Kandang*


01 May – National Labour Day
05 May – Ascension Day
05 May – Isra Miraj
22 May – Vesak 2560


25 June – Saraswati*
29 June – Pagerwesi
More popular in the North of Bali, this ceremony celebrates Sang Hyang Pramesti Guru, God of
teachers and creator of the Universe. Offerings are made to stave off evil forces, and for the uncremated dead.


06 July – Idul Fitri
09 July – Tumpak Landep*


17 August – National Day


07 September – Galungan*
12 September – Idul Adha
17 September – Kuningan*


02 October – Islamic New Year 1438


26 November – Tumpek Kandang*


25 December – Christmas
31 December – Tumpek Wayang*